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Who Are These Folks?

Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin at Small Business Centennial

Although both have Master's Degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill and have retired from professional careers, they have deep roots in the folk heritage of North Carolina. They met in high school, went to college, married, raised a family. They grew up listening to these styles of music. Both enjoy a strong sense of humor or they could not put up with one another.

Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin
"Uncle Gum" Paige is a "military brat" but spent much time visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, who lived in rural Duplin and Lenoir County, NC. He was always fascinated by the country life and enjoyed many of the characters and stories he encoutered. He has incorporated many of these into a dozen or so original songs.

His great-uncle played old-time banjo. Another uncle called the local square dances. Two others played guitar and sang some of the "old" songs. Two of his aunts enjoyed themselves on the piano. One of his grandmothers was said to have been "a pretty good dancer in her time." The whole family was amazed when "Uncle Gum" played his banjo at a family gathering, and feeble, old "Grandma" jumped up and started dancing!

Uncle Gum sings and plays guitar, banjo, fiddle.

Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin "Aunt Puddin'" Linda grew up in the close-knit community of Fountaintown, NC. (not to be confused with Fountain, NC near Greenville). Her father grew up sharing many of the old tunes he heard at dances in the 1940's. Her grandmother sang songs from long ago as she worked in the garden. Aunt Puddin' started life being rocked in the arms of a mother who sang to her. Singing was a big part of car trips for the family - traveling with no radio! She played piano as a child and broke her foot doing so. Aunt Puddin' continued this tradition with her own children - not breaking their foot, but singing them to sleep, singing to amuse or soothe, and singing to carry on the culture of the family.

Aunt Puddin sings and plays guitar.

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