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What kind of music do you play?

Here is a perspective on the types of music we play. This was computed by tallying some typical playlists.

Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin
Learn more about each style and see samples of what we play under each style. Click on links below.

Old-time / Traditional / Historical / Gospel / Bluegrass / Early Country / Non-"Nashville Sound" Country / Early Rock 'n Roll / Blues / Singer-Songwriter / Humor

What determines the songs you choose to do?

I wish I knew what make us think some music is great. I've thought about it many times. As soon as I think I've got handle on it I find a surprise!

Currently I see three major factors influencing our music choices.

When you hear our songs, we hope you will go, "That was a good song; I've never heard that."; or "I haven't heard that one in a long time," or, "Oh, yeah, that's a great song. I see why they do that one."

How many songs are available to play?

We have over 900 songs and tunes that we have "mined" from history. That's over 53 hours of playing, so you'll never see the same show twice. Of course we have some favorites that we like and that we find audiences like. We include these in many of our shows, depending on the nature of the program, but most of our stuff will vary somewhat between shows.

Why do you tend to ignore some of the more popular music and concentrate on the more obscure and older stuff?

Do you like antiques? And, if so, why?

The music I hear today on the radio reminds me of cheap, plastic laminate furniture. Here today, gone tomorrow. No story to tell. Some gimmick to get one to buy it quick.

Antiques are more subtle. They have an enduring quality (or they wouldn't still be here). They are constructed out of materials which we know generally last a long time. They may have an intricacy of design that most contemporary furnishings lack. They often take inspired advantage of revealing the natural materials of which they are made.

But those who appreciate antiques enjoy, among other things, the way they illustrate a bygone culture and history. "This is they way people lived back then." Our lives are richer and deeper to the degree we can appreciate the cultural aesthetic and how it was related to the visual design of the time.

Uncle Gum & Aunt Puddin The music we enjoy is like rare and precious antiques. It is the music of our culture. This is the music heard and played by our ancestors, and by us growing up. It is sort of a window on what life was like in rural North Carolina or rural America years ago. Furthermore, it illustrates how the people of that time saw themselves.

The oldest people we actually knew and talked to were born just before the turn of the 20th Century, and matured during the 1910s and 1920s. Old Time String Band music was the popular music of that day. These people listened to this music, and passed some of it down to us either by continuing to listen to it, singing it or playing it in our presence, or noticing it when they heard it played otherwise. The song and music contains images and elements of their lives that we saw but that no longer exist today. These musical antiques are special to us because we got to see parts of the way of life they illustrate.

We remember things like:

Do you listen to other music?

I listen to much more. I enjoy jazz, world music, Celtic / Irish tunes, 50's "Oldies" rock n' roll, classic rock, and probably some other as well.

Do you do Gospel shows?

We don't do bona-fide gospel shows, because our gospel repertoire is rather short. Since there are plenty of other really good musicians and singers out there doing gospel, it is not in danger of becoming obsolete, and so we don't focus on it. We do offer some shows which ARE perfectly appropriate for churches, church groups, etc. We have numerous songs, that, while not gospel, are good wholesome songs and would be appropriate to play anywhere, for any age group. It probably, though, would not be exactly what people would have in mind when they go to see a "Gospel Show."

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